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Summer 2017: Fire in the Chinese 5 Elements Cycle

Summer has finally arrived and it's in full bloom. We made it through the winter, where we "planted" our seeds, and spring, where some of our plans started to bud. Now it's time to embrace the fire in all of us, and go out in nature and move..

In Chinese 5 elements, the season of summer (which is the element of Fire) gives us permission to go out into the world and play. Find that child-like part of you, and find joy in walking in the grass, watching the trees and blooming flowers, soaking up the heat, socializing with friends, forming new relationships. But remember, that if we have too much fire, it can lead to excess and burn out of control, or just burn out from exhaustion.

So in this time of joy and action and doing, remember to take time to cool off and relax and de-stress. Drink lots of water to counter-act excess heat. Be aware of your body, and allow it to rest when it needs rest. Take a dip in a pool, relax at the beach, meditate silently and notice your breath as you watch the waves. But most of all, just chill out and enjoy your summer!.

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