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Post Election Tips

The United States citizens have just elected a new president. This election cycle has been a time of great controversy, with many ups and downs and twists and turns along the way. Many are stressed and exhausted by the long process. Regardless of who you voted for, it's now time to pause and reflect upon the fact that the election is over, and it's time for people to come together and heal.

In the five elements cycle, we are at the end of Autumn, which is the end of a cycle. Leaves turn color, and start to gently fall off trees, making room for new growth later in the spring. Winter is quickly coming. Winter is a time to pause, reflect on where we are and where we want to go. It is a time for things to germinate below the surface, in anticipation of new growth coming in spring.

So I urge you all to slow down, take the time to take care of yourselves. If you're happy about the election resutls, rejoice in that, and find a way to be sensitive to others who are going through a mourning process, and be receptive to others ideas and opinions. If you're upset about the election results, now is the time to step back, lick your wounds, be kind to yourself, and look for ways to go forward in a positive way.

We really are all stronger when we see each other as just human beings, with commonalities as well as differences. If we all focus on common goals, we can accomplish a lot going forward together.

From an energy perspective, it's a good time to turn off the news for a while and meditate, or if you don't know how to do that, just sit quietly with some good, relaxing music, and don't forget to breathe!!

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