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Certified Energy Coach/Practitioner / Lecturer / Teacher

Ordained Interfaith Minister

"Finding wholeness through mind, body, spirit connections"

Jan as an Energy Coach/Practitioner

Who is Jan?

Jan maintains a private practice in both mid-Manhattan and in West Hartford, Connecticut where, in addition to seeing clients individually, she has led Study Groups, taught Energy Medicine Workshops, been a guest speaker at conferences (such as National Alliance on Mental Illness, in Albany), and served as a Teaching Assistant for Donna Eden at Omega Institute, Donna Eden & Dawson Church at The Open Center, and other locations. (Click on "About Jan" in the menu on right, to see more about Jan).

What does Jan do?

As an Energy Coach/Practitioner, Jan has been able to combine the skills learned in the Interfaith Seminary with the skills learned from her various energy modalities to help her clients promote physical/emotional/spiritual well-being, through holistic energy transformation. 

Together, we address and balance various subtle energy systems in your body, thus providing the environment to help you deal with the physical/emotional issues of your life. This allows you to move forward with ease, using those methods appropriate to the matters at hand. 

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Why Choose Jan?

While enjoying a very successful business career, Jan became profoundly motivated to contribute to the well being of others, and was led to undertake studies which resulted in her Certification in a variety of Holistic Energy modalities, and in becoming an Ordained Interfaith Minister, thus bridging the mind-spirit-body connection, in recognition of our Wholeness. 

Jan has learned to apply the skills learned in the seminary (e.g. being present, holding space , active listening, and getting your ego out of the way) to the intuitive/intention-based skills learned in her Energy/Coaching practice. Either on a personal basis, or in a group situation, Jan will compassionately help "seekers" to become "finders".

Jan as an Interfaith Minister 

After completing a 2-year program at The New Seminary in NYC, Jan was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, and performs weddings, and other life-cycle events.  

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As an adjunct to her Energy practice, Jan can also provide the following services:

Healing Rituals

By request, Jan has performed healing rituals which provide the best possible environment for healing and encourage active participation in recognizing your wholeness/holiness. Jan can do this in hospital settings as well, sometimes combining this with Energy work.

End of Life Rituals

Jan has performed end of life "passing" rituals to provide comfort to the individual and family in anticipation of a person's transition from end of physical life to his/her journey beyond life as we know it. Jan can also do this in hospice and/or hospital settings. 

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