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Modalities Used by Jan 

Major Modalities Used by Jan (in Individual Sessions and her Workshops)

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) – Energy Modality using over 9 subtle energy systems,  based on techniques from Chinese Medicine, and Kinesiology (ie muscle testing)

Certified by Donna Eden.  Jan is also an authorized “Eden Energy Medicine for Women” class instructor, and a Teaching Assistant for Donna.  This modality works with subtle energy systems, including Chakras, Meridians, Auras, and Chinese 5 elements, Acupressure points, and more.  Jan also completed “Touch for Health-L1” to enhance her Kinesiology (i.e., energy testing) skills.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Certified Practitioner – Energy Psychology 

First certified by founder, Gary Craig, and later by “EFT Universe”. Jan is also an “Energy Assistant” for Dawson Church at some of his NYC workshops.  Developed as a non-invasive way of dealing with trauma and phobias (by tapping on ends of meridians), it has also proved to be an effective modality for many other issues.


Psych-K Facilitator –  Energy Psychology 

Trained by Ian Spicer.  This Energy Psychology Modality uses various balancing protocols to align the sub-conscious with the conscious mind by changing subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self- sabotaging.


Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) –  “Spiritual” Energy Modality

Trained by founder, Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle.  “TEK” is a natural healing system with uses kinesiology to find & address physical, emotional and spiritual issues.


Quantum Energy Transformation® (i.e., QET), Quantum Allergy Release®, Quantum Age Clearing® and Quantum Coaching® 

Certified by founder Joshua Bloom.  QET works at the cellular level of the body to help one evolve and transform.  Allows people to become open to the possibilities of changing and releasing old negative mind/body/spiritual issues.  Within this are the possibilities of clearing allergies and traumas from this life, “in the womb”, or past lives.  


Additional Modalities used by Jan - depending on the needs of the client:

Emotion Code: Trained by founder Bradley Nelson – Releases trapped emotions from various parts of the body (including clearing the heart wall and hidden heart wall)

Quantum Touch: Trained by founder Richard Gordan – an Energy Healing modality that works with the universal vibration of love and well-being.

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises): Developed by Dr. David Berceli. Trained by Steve Haines – TRE is a way of inducing tremors in the body to help release old, stored trauma.

Consulting Hypnotist: Trained by Burt Goldman

And more……….


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