Janis T. Firstenberg - Promoting Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being

    "Jan Firstenberg is a gifted practitioner with a passion for helping people heal. She's certified and expert in many modalities, from EFT tapping to Energy Medicine. Yet she also has insatiable curiosity about new and advanced healing methods, giving her a huge range of expertise to draw from. 
    She was able to find and help heal patterns in me that I wasn't able to detect myself, and I'm so grateful for the changes she helped me make. Treat yourself to a session with her and discover the difference that her wonderful array of skills can bring!"  Dawson Church, PhD - Santa Rosa, CA

"As a doctor, being on call is a way of life.  I used to anticipate and worry about the calls I would get.  It was crippling.  Jan Firstenberg and EFT really helped me with my fear of the unknown calls I could get.  It has given me some control of the uncontrollable and unpredictable.  I no longer just sit home waiting in fear for the phone to ring." TM - Brooklyn, New York  
"Jan has worked with me 5+ years now.  She has many tools in her toolbox of healing modalities.  She always chooses the right one that gives the most effective treatment that addresses my needs. I've only had great sessions as a result.  She brings love care, and attention to her work.  When I leave, I am balanced, relaxed and in harmony with body, mind and spirit.  I am grateful to have found Jan."  LK - Franklin Square, NY
"I had become a very nervous flyer, and although I love to travel, I was starting to develop a real phobia.  In two sessions with Jan, doing EFT work, my anxiety was completely diminished and now I enjoy and look forward to flying.  It is a great feeling to be released from a fear.   Jan has real talent, excellent ability and skill in her field of work."  IW - Pelham, NY 
"Doing energy work with Jan to overcome a health challenge I was facing enhanced the work I was doing with my doctor and gave me added confidence that I would heal. Jan creates a warm, safe space and draws from the many healing modalities she’s proficient in to create the best healing strategy just for you. She gave me energy exercises that I can continue using on my own to ensure that I continue to have the best health possible." SG – New York, NY
"I have a problem with chronic insomnia and have recently tried the EFT technique taught by Jan Firstenberg. I had never tried this before, and nothing has helped me except this method. Because we live geographically apart, Jan worked with me over the phone and sent me the technique through E-mail. I appreciate Jan's professionalism, support and encouragement. I am definitely making progress and will continue to use this method to help alleviate my problem."HK - Beaufort, South Carolina
"Jan Firstenberg's workshop: Introduction to Energy Medicine and EFT was one of the best planned and useful workshops I have attended. I have been able to use what I learned on a regular basis to reduce stress, and am eager to learn more."J.W.- Plainfield, New Jersey
"Many years ago I came to see you to discover and experience fully, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.  What I received was so much more!  Although I had some experience with Energy Medicine, it wasn't fully clear to me how the modality worked until we worked together in both private healing and training sessions. 
     Your excitement, care, love and enthusiasm has inspired me so much as a person and teacher.  Even today, years later, the sessions and experiences we had together have stayed with me as well as the learning and knowledge I gained from them. 
        I believe that all professional practitioners require three important elements; hold the  intention  and possibilities for their client, be the  invitation  that allows people to change easily and quickly,  be who it is necessary  to be, to accomplish lasting results.  You possess them all! 
     Congratulations for all of the people you have helped, and thank you for your presence, love, effectiveness, and powerful connection. Joshua Bloom Creator of Quantum Energy Transformation™  Quantum Healing Center LLC"
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