Janis T. Firstenberg - Promoting Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being
As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Jan can help you observe the milestones of your life in a way uniquely designed both with you and for you:
In Celebration
    In honor of all faiths, and inclusive of all traditional or alternate lifestyles, Jan will listen to your ideas and help you create a celebration designed to embody your special event exactly as you've dreamed it would be.  Jan is an official NYC Wedding Officiant.
      To create a lovely service to memorably welcome the blessings of the new life which accompanies the birth/adoption of a child.
        To celebrate personal achievements - graduation, beginning a new career, meaningful personal moments - whatever is worthy of joyous remembrance.
        In Memory
        Memorializing the passage of a loved one, Jan will work with you to create a personal Service of dignity, compassion, and loving remembrance.
        Spiritual Support
        In her ministerial capacity, and in a safe, non-judgmental environment, Jan will stand with you, support you, "wait with you" in times when emotional or spiritual matters are at issue.
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