Janis T. Firstenberg - Promoting Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being
Who is Janis (Jan) Firstenberg?
Jan is a gifted, compassionate practitioner with a private practice in Manhattan.  While in the midst of a very successful business career, Jan suddenly became profoundly motivated to contribute to the well being of others.  This led to extensive studies and certifications in various healing modalities which eventually led to her private practice.  It also led to a 2-year study program at The New Seminary in NYC which culminated with Jan becoming an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  In addition to working with individuals one-on-one, Jan has led Study Groups, taught classes, been a guest speaker for various organizations, been an Emotional Assistant for Dawson Church (EFT) at the Open Center; and been a Teaching Assistant for Donna Eden at Omega Institute, Learning Annex, The Open Center and Donna's Foundations program.

Jan is also a co-author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book "Your Shift Matters: Resistance to Resilience", and has published articles on Dawson Church's www.eftuniverse.com and Donna Eden's www.innersource.net websites 
Jan's Philosophy:
Jan's extensive training in a broad base of energy protocols, along with her seminary training, has taught her the critical skills of active listening, being present, trusting Intuition, and using Intention.   Jan does not HEAL anyone. Her clients have all the answers, and all she needs to do is "listen" to what their bodies tell her and use her skills to help her clients heal themselves.  She often provides energy "homework" for her clients, so they can learn skills to use at home. 
Jan works in partnership with her clients and believes they are each responsible for their part in the session: Jan's responsibility is to "be 100% present" for her clients and to actively listen to what they and their bodies are telling her.  Her clients' responsibilities are to be open to the possibility of healing and to be willing to do whatever is needed to help their mind-body-spirit evolve.  A session with Jan could consist of one or many healing modalities.  Jan feels blessed and honored to be able to do this humbling work.

Contact Jan
By appointment only...... Jan can be reached at her mid-Manhattan office:
By phone:   212-685-7648
By email:     jan123energy@yahoo.com
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